MFA: Chromebook Authentication


As of 12/28/2021, the Chromebook authentication has been integrated with Azure single-sign-on (SSO) which requires multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to sign in.  Users will not be able to skip MFA when signing in to the Chromebook after a restart or shutdown, even after checking the box "Don't ask again for 90 days". 

After the user is signed in, the Chrome browser will remember the user's credentials and MFA token when accessing BSU emails, Blackboard..., and the user will not be prompted for MFA for 90 days when using the browser.

If the users close the Chromebook lid without restart or shutdown, they will not be prompted for MFA.



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Fri 1/14/22 12:56 PM
Tue 8/22/23 11:15 AM