FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I create a Blackboard Test from a Word Document?


Use these instructions to learn how to format a Word document and use the Blackboard Test Generator tool to convert it to a Blackboard test.


The process of creating a test in Blackboard can be tedious, particularly if the test you already created the test in a Word document. Instead of copying every question, Blackboard can import properly formatted files to make the process much faster and easier.  These instructions will help you to format your Word file so it can be converted into a Blackboard-compatible file. BSU does not host this converter, but our staff has tested and used it.  

Format text for the Blackboard Test Generator tool 

First things first, you'll want to make sure your Word file is properly formatted. We've got some instructions on how to do that, just lick here for specific instructions on how to format text to use this tool. Once you have properly formatted your text, click on Blackboard Test Generator to begin.  

  1. Enter a name in the Test Name text box. 

  1. Paste your formatted exam text in the large text box below the name 

  1. Click the button to Generate Test Questions.  Review all questions to ensure they have been formatted properly. Properly formatted questions will appear in green. Fix any questions that encountered formatting errors. These will be marked in red. Click Generate Test Questions again until all are green. 

  1. Click Download Question Pool and save the Zip file to your computer. 

  1. Next, log in to Blackboard and follow the instructions below. 

Set up using Question Banks

  1. Log in to Blackboard, and access your course site.

  1. In the Side Panel under Details & Actions, click Manage Banks.

  1. Click the plus icon in the middle of the screen, then Import from file.

  1. Select the saved .zip file that you recently downloaded. This might take some time, you will receive an email once the import is done. You might need to refresh your page for the Test questions to be visible.

  2. You can now click on the imported Test in your course's Question Banks, and make any necessary changes like assigning points, automated feedback, etc.

You have one more set of instructions below to make your test available to students.

Deploying Test to Course Content

  1. Go to a Content Area on your course (e.g. Course Content)

  2.  Click the + icon, then + Create.

  3. Click on Test.

  4. Give your test a name.

  5. Click the + icon, and select Reuse Questions.

  6. Browse through all your Question Pools, and select the Questions that you intend to add to this Test.

  7. Click Copy Questions.

  8. You can make any necessary changes like assigning points, automated feedback, etc.

  9. You can also change the below Test settings such as due date, presentation options, attempts, etc by clicking on the settings icon on the right panel.

  10. Click Save.

  11. You can now close the Test panel, and the Test should now be present in the Content Area.



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