FACULTY: ULTRA: How can I organize Gradebook?


Discover how to rearrange and organize your Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra.


Need to tidy up your Gradebook and get everything in order? To organize and rearrange the items in your Gradebook, follow these steps:

1.     First, go to your Blackboard course and then click the Gradebook tab near the top

2.     Click the button with three lines in the upper left corner to view your grades as a list. Note: Items can’t be rearranged in grid view. 

3.     In the list view, on the far right side of the item row you wish to move, click and hold the two arrows pointing up and down.

4.     Holding the mouse button down, drag the item to your desired location.

5.     Release the mouse button to drop the item in that new location.

gif showing how to move graded items

For additional guidance on grading items in Gradebook, check out this collection of articles on Blackboard.



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