Email: Sending limits in Office 365 and Outlook Client


Office 365 email does have a limit to the number of email messages that can be sent at a single time. This is a prevention within the Office 365 service to limit and reduce spam.  

Sending Limits for Office 365:

  • 10,000 recipients per day
  • 500 recipients per message
  • 30 messages per minute

A potential work around to the 500 recipient limit per message is to do a mail merge.  In a mail merge Office 365 sees each recipient as a separate message, however the 10,000 limit per day still applies.  For instructions on how to do a mail merge, see the following Microsoft article.

Another potential work around for the 500 recipient limit per message is to create a distribution list from your contacts within the Outlook client.  For instructions on how to create a distribution list, see the following Microsoft article.  


For a full list of Office 365 email limitations please see the following Microsoft article.


Students who have an email address of have additional restrictions:

  • Restricted from sending to external recipients 100 messages per hour
  • Restricted from sending to internal recipients 200 messages per hour
  • Maximum recipient limit of 500 per day 




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