Banner Login Issues


Banner login issues


Banner is configured differently depending upon your role at BSU. Please go to the section for your role.



Students access Banner using InfoBear.  Students are highly encouraged to log into InfoBear via single sign on.  Go to InfoBear and login with your Username and Password.

Accepted applicants can also log in via Banner ID and PIN on the InfoBear alternate login page

For further assistance with logging into infobear please see Infobear: Login Issues



Faculty access Banner using Web for Faculty.

Faculty are highly encouraged to log into InfoBear via single sign on to take advantage of new features and pages (faculty grade entry, class lists, student portal, etc).

For more information with logging into Web for Faculty please see Web for Faculty: Login Issues



Banner is available to certain employees based on their job responsibilities at BSU.  In order to request an account, employees must complete an account request form.  Here is the link to the Account request form:  Administrative Systems Account Request form

Once you have an account, go to from on-campus or Windows Virtual Desktop to login with your BSU credentials.


Are you in need of further assistance?  Click here for more information on how you can contact us!



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