MFA: Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting


This Knowledge Base article will be used to document a running list of issues that the IT Division has seen or experienced with MFA or Multi-factor Authentication. For information regarding MFA please visit the KnowledgeBase article "What is Multi-Factor Authentication?" here:


Scenario Resolution
Land line (non-mobile phone) registered as preferred number for verification Please call the Service Center (508.531.2555) or submit a request here to have your MFA reset so that you can set up a mobile phone number, SMS text messaging, or smart phone authenticator app.  You should include your BSU email address, Bear (Banner) ID, billing/home address, and phone number we have on record for you.
Pop-ups being blocked so unable to register for MFA from off-campus Enable pop-ups notifications in your web browser.
MFA requiring you to enter SMS code multiple times a day even after checking on “Don’t ask again for 30 days” Make sure your Chrome browser setting "Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome" is set to OFF or disabled. NOTE: Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari and other web browsers have similar settings to "remember" cookies/history.
You did not receive SMS code in a timely manner (within 30 seconds) due to poor cellular signal Change "default sign-in method" to either a phone call or authenticator app (preferred method, if available), instructions here:



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