Accidentally deleted file/folder from department drive (employee)


Department network drives (or the G drive) are backed up each night. If you accidentally delete a file or folder from your department drive, you may be able to restore it yourself.


Department network drives (G drives) are backed up each night. If you have accidentally deleted a file/folder from your department drive you may be able to restore it yourself.

If you know where the file/folder was located, follow these steps on a Windows computer:

    1. Highlight the folder that contained your deleted item

    2. Right-click on the folder

    3. Select Properties

    4. Select the Previous Versions tab at the top of the window (this tab will show you the folder as it was saved today, yesterday, etc.)

    5. Select the previous version of the folder you want to restore

    6. Select Restore

    7. A reminder will pop up stating that this restore cannot be undone, select Restore

If these steps do not work, please contact the IT Service Center for further assistance. 


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