Intranet Login Issues


How to login to the BSU Intranet


You can access the BSU Intranet from off-campus by typing in your web browser.


In the Windows Security login screen, enter your BSU Username and password, then click the OK button.  
In some browsers, you will have to add BSC\ before your username.  If one way does not work, please try the other.



Did that not work? Try the following:

If you are unable to login with your BSU credentials, your computer may have a different default account set.  

If available, choose Use Another Account.

Intranet login screen1.PNG

In the new window, enter your BSU Username and password then click OK. Don't forget, you may have to add BSC\ before your BSU username.  



Are you in need of further assistance?  Click here for more information on how you can contact us



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