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Banner is configured differently depending for roles at BSU. Please use the appropriate section below.


Faculty access Banner using Web for Faculty.

Here is the web for Faculty landing page with links to WFF as well as class search and other info:

Web for Faculty and Advisors (

***Single sign on is highly encouraged for Faculty to be able to use the latest features and pages in Web for Faculty.  Banner ID and PIN provides limited access.

If the web for faculty login is not successful by using either Banner information or BSU login information, please try the following:

Look up Banner ID to confirm the proper information is in use or reset BSU password.

If login still not working, please contact IT Service Desk at 508.531.2555 or email


Banner is available to employees based on their job responsibilities at BSU.  In order to request an account, employees an account request form.  Banner training is done by the department.

REQUIRED ELECTRONIC FORM:  New staff members and new to Banner Finance staff must submit an Administrative Systems Access request form in order to be able to utilize Banner.  For Finance access, the staff member will also need to request that of the Budget Office (Maria at  The Administrative Systems Access Request form is available at this link:

Administrative Systems Access Request form



Students access Banner using InfoBear.  Login using BSU username and password.

Single sign on is highly encouraged for current students logging into Infobear so they can use the latest features and pages.  Access to Infobear using only Banner ID and PIN will be limited.  Only accepted students who have not committed to BSU should log into Infobear via Banner ID and PIN to view their anticipated financial award information.  Once commited to BSU and "Intends to enroll", students are given a BSU account and will be able to log in via single sign on.

For further assistance with logging into infobear please see Infobear: Login Issues

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