LastPass: How to Reset MFA

Follow these instructions to reset multi-factor authentication for LastPass.  You will need your phone and a computer to accomplish this.

1. From a computer, sign in to LastPass

2. Go to Account Settings (lower left), 

then click on Multifactor Options 


4. Clicking on the pencil icon 

to edit Microsoft Authenticator option

5. Click Regenerate, 

OK to confirm, 

enter LastPass password

and click Continue

6. On your phone, 

open Authenticator app

add a new entry

(+ sign upper right), 

choose Other

scan the QR code

and tap Continue

7. Back to LastPass,

click OK

enter 6-digit code 

from Authenticator app

tap OK and OK

8. You have successfully reset LastPass MFA.  It is safe to close the Account Settings screen.

Please email if you need any assistance.

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