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Any work requested of the Information Technology Division that is not a core service (e.g. creating accounts, adding phones and computers, etc.) or for the repair (break/fix) of a core service item, requires the submission of a project request to the Project Management Office.  A project request may also be submitted for assisting with discovery, which would include meeting administration, assistance with submitting an RFI/RFP, business process review, etc.   Once submitted, all project requests will progress following the workflow described below.   Information Technology strongly encourages staff members with new project ideas to consult first with the BSU IT here: for a listing of current services we provide, then with leadership (Vice-Presidents or AVP’s) in their division before embarking on the development of a full project request.  In this way, the requester will be certain that the project concept is aligned with department, divisional and institutional strategy.    


Creating a Project Request 

  • An IT Project Request is initiated by the project requester online by either of two methods: 

  1. Completing the Project Request Form for IT Liaisons here:

  2. Submitting a Project Request service ticket within the IT Service Catalog.   

  • This online project request form submission is considered an initial Project Request. 

  • The initial project request submission must contain: 

  • Project Name 

  • A brief overview of the project work 

  • Goals and Objectives (what is the purpose of doing the work) 

  • Business Value of the project

  • Name of the Project Sponsor (must be VP of the Division)

  • Project Owner

  • Service Owner

  • Stakeholders

  • Estimated Implementation Cost

  • Funding Source

  • Estimated Annual Cost 

  • Requested go-live date

  • Justification for go-live date

  • Priority  

Upon receipt of the Informal Project Request submission, the PMO will work with the requester to develop the proposal into a completed project request that will be fully evaluated by IT management during the annual Project Planning Process. 


Developing the Project Request  

  • The informal Project Request submission is initially routed to the PMO for an initial evaluation.   

  • The PMO will contact the Project Requester to arrange a meeting(s) intended to review, refine and score the Project Request.  These meetings will develop the project proposal into a formal IT Project Request.  

  • The formal IT Project Request will be created in Team Dynamix by the PMO and will contain all the information necessary to allow portfolio planning to occur as part of the annual Request Review Process.  


The Annual Request Review Process 

The PMO will initiate the review of all IT project requests, beginning each year in February, in alignment with the annual budget review process.   Information Technology Leadership and the PMO will then review all requested technology projects, for the purpose of identifying which projects will be approved to go forward into the project initiating phase for further planning.     

During the annual Request Review Process, all project requests will be initially classified as "approved", "declined" or “deferred" based upon their project score, the institution’s ability to successfully execute the projects, and how the projects align with the goals of each division.  Approved projects will be those projects that are considered to be the highest priorities of the University. The IT Division will make a firm commitment to complete all the approved projects within a specified time frame.  The Chief Information Officer will share the results of the annual Request Review Process with the Area Vice-Presidents to ensure that the approved projects reflect the needs and priorities of the University.   

There may be a need to review a project request outside of the Annual Request Review Process.  These project requests will be handled on an exception basis.  The impact to the previously approved budgets, projects and time lines needs to be considered and if any changes are necessary, communicated to the impacted parties.   


The Budget Review Process 

Annually, in November, budget packets are sent to the Area Vice Presidents.  The packet includes various divisional spreadsheets, reports and procedures for requesting new funding for any new increases, one-time capital expenditures, capital equipment, professional development and additional positions for the upcoming fiscal year.  The packet will also include a worksheet for Project Request funding.  Completed budget packets are due in February in sync with the project request deadline. Each project request should be reviewed for the possibility of having a budget need as mentioned above and included in the annual budget package submission.  The budget requests are submitted and reviewed against the target budgets and available spend.  In April/May the President and Cabinet reviews and approves the budget and the IT Project Portfolio.  Any funding approved for projects should be noted in the project charter and spend monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the project life cycle. 


The Annual Project Planning Process 

The annual Project Planning Process is designed to produce the IT Projects Portfolio for all approved Information Technology projects.  The PMO will create a draft IT Projects Portfolio with recommendations for the following for each approved project: 

  • Project Manager 

  • Project Team 

  • Project Chartering Time line 

  • Project Charter Due Date 

  • Project Planning Time line 

  • Project Plan Due Date 

  • Estimated Project Start Date 

  • Estimated Project End Date 


The IT Project Portfolio will be reviewed by IT Management and approved annually during the months of May/June.  The Director of the Project Management Office will assign Project Managers to the approved projects.  The Vice President of IT will then share the approved Project Portfolio with the Divisional Vice Presidents, designated IT Liaisons, and the Information Technology Division.  The portfolio will also be posted here: 


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