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This page includes links to all the articles for Wepa Printers copied over from the Wepa Training Manual composed by the RESNET group.


WEPA (We Print Anywhere) is a print management solution developed specifically for student printing in higher education and university settings. Using cloud-based technology, it allows students to print documents using any device to secure self-service kiosks provided by WEPA. Users can upload their files through various methods, such as USB drives, cloud storage, or email.  The service is widely accessible and convenient, offering printing solutions for educational needs.

Please Note: Only students can print to a WEPA kiosk – Residents AND Commuters! University employees will use the designated Faculty/ Staff printers in the computer labs or printers in their office areas. 

WEPA Article

WEPA Basic Information: 

BSU WEPA Acceptable Use Print Policy

What devices can print to a WEPA kiosk?

Where are WEPA printer kiosks located?

Are the printers up?: Can students/users tell what printers are functioning before they go to the kiosk?

How to link your cloud storage account to your WEPA account

What is a WEPA Code?

How to release your documents at the WEPA kiosk


How much does printing cost?

At what point in the printing process do students get charged for their printed documents?

If the printer jams, does the student get charged?

How to add printing funds.

Can I get compensated for defective printouts?


How long do documents stay in the cloud queue?

How does IT know when a kiosk needs attention?

What to do if a student loses their connect card or gets a new one

Can I reprint a document without going back to my computer?

WEPA Recycling and Sustainability


What happens if a connect card does not work?

How to fix the kiosk if the monitor is black/off but the printer is on?

How to print a test page on the WEPA kiosk

What supplies should be in the kiosk?

Where are printer consumables located? (toner, drums etc)

WEPA print driver issues

How do you print on a Chromebook?

WEPA Error: Service Call Error "183"

Replace toner for WEPA color printer

Replace fuser unit for WEPA color printer

Clean the WEPA color printers


How to log in to WEPANow.com

How to Install WEPA Printer Drivers on Windows (WEPA Support Link)

How to Install WEPA Print App on MAC (WEPA Support Link)

How to use the file upload printing method

How to print from the WEPA mobile app




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