WEPA Acceptable Use Policy

The purpose of this WEPA Acceptable Use policy is to promote the ethical and responsible use of BSU WEPA printers.  All BSU students are expected to read and comply with this policy.

  • The utilization of BSU WEPA printing is exclusively for academic purposes.  
  • Printing for reasons such as personal information, BSU clubs, on-campus or off-campus jobs, is NOT permitted.
  • It is unlawful and prohibited to print copyrighted materials on BSU printers, including books, textbooks, literary works, musical or artistic works, other published works, etc.
  • Granting access to unauthorized users is prohibited. 

If the IT staff determines that a student misuses the WEPA print service, your printing privileges will be revoked immediately.  

Any questions concerning the content or interpretation of this policy should be directed to BSU ResNet Director.


If you get any questions about this policy, please create a ticket and use ticket type ResNet/ WEPA PRINTING and the ResNet staff will respond. 

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