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Information on printing on campus for both employees and students.
Can I get compensated for defective printout(s)?
How to Install WEPA Print App Drivers on a MAC
How to Install WEPA Print App Drivers on Windows
How to release your documents at the WEPA kiosk
Linking and Printing Cloud Accounts on WEPA
How to use the WEPA email-to-print (ETOP) service.
Directions to print from the WEPA Mobile App (Apple iOS and Android)
At what point in the printing process do students get charged for their printed documents?
Devices that can print to a WEPA kiosk
BSU WEPA Acceptable Use Policy for academic printing
How to upload files to and print from the webpage.
Directions to login to the Wepanow page
This page includes links to all the articles for Wepa Printers copied over from the Wepa Training Manual composed by the RESNET group.