WEPA Printing via Email (Email to Print/ETOP)

Users can print files by attaching them to an email, sending them to print@wepanow.com, and picking them up from any print station. 

If they send their print jobs to this email it will default to black and white. If they type the word Color in the body of the email they send ,it will make the print job a color print job.

  • Supported File Types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .rtf, images (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff)
  • Maximum Size: 50 MB (your email provider may have size limitations as well)

WEPA Instructions:

  1. Open a new email draft. Use the email address associated with your wēpa account to upload to your print queue. If a different email address is used, then you will be considered a ‘Guest’ and the wēpa code provided in Step 6 will be required to print.
  2. Enter print@wepanow.com in ‘To:’ field.
  3. Attach file(s) to email.
  4. Send email if desired print settings are black&white and single-sided.
  5. To change the print settings, enter “color” and/or “duplex” (double-sided) in the first line of the email body.
    1. For PowerPoint options, see the keywords below in the ‘PRINT SETTINGS’ section. Options will apply to all attached documents. Send multiple emails for each different set of print options.
  6. An automated email confirmation will appear in your Inbox within minutes. Allow more time for multiple documents or large file sizes. The confirmation email will provide details on which files were uploaded successfully or not with corresponding print settings.
    1. If the email address is not associated with a wepa account, a wepa code will be provided to release each print job at a print station.
    2. If the email address is associated with a wepa account, the file(s) will be available in print queue—simply log into your wepa account!
  7.  In the email reply by each successfully-uploaded file, there is a button labeled Edit options. A webpage will load and you’ll be able to change more print setting options.
    The initial print settings will already be selected. Change any setting, then select Send print options to finalize the changes.


More information on this feature can be found at 



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