Tech Help: Error message "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages Error"


The WEPA kiosk printer displays the error "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages" and fails to print the print job. 


This article provides info and resolution for the "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages" error message that students might encounter when attempting to print a large print job (with a file size greater than 2GB) on a WEPA printer.


In order to print to make multiple copies of the print job and retain the page order (collate) the printer stores the entire job in Memory and reprints it the specified number of times.

A print job with a lot of pages or many graphics requires a great deal of Memory and may consume all the 2GB of available Memory the printer has.

If this happens the job cannot complete and displays the "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages" error.


Press Cancel on the printer to reset the error message. Inform the customer that they can do one of the following: 

  • Break up the print job into smaller print jobs, print those separately, then combine at the end.



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