ALL USERS: How do I enable live captions while presenting to an audience?

Make your presentations more inclusive and engaging with real-time captions in PowerPoint!

What are live captions?

Live captions transcribe your spoken words and display them on screen as you present. This can benefit:

  • People who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Non-native speakers
  • Everyone! Seeing the words can reinforce understanding.

How to use live captions:

  1. Microphone required: Make sure your computer has a microphone connected.
  2. Turn on captions: In PowerPoint (during your presentation), look for the "Slide Show" tab and enable "Always Use Subtitles" (or similar wording depending on your version).
  3. Choose your language: Select the language you're speaking and the language you want the captions to appear in (for translation).
  4. Present with captions! Your words will be transcribed and displayed for your audience.

For detailed instructions, watch our short 2-minute video tutorial.

Additional notes:

  • A reliable internet connection is recommended for accurate speech recognition.
  • You can adjust the caption position on the screen.

Start using live captions today to create a more accessible and impactful presentation!

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