A list of BSU Wi-Fi networks

Bridgewater State University has a variety of Wi-Fi networks for different use cases:

BSU_Wireless - Bridgewater State University's primary wireless network. All students, faculty, and staff with laptops and mobile phones should be connecting to this network with their BSU username and password (the same credentials used for BSU e-mail (username@bridgew.edu)). 

BSU_IoT - Bridgewater State University's Internet of Things network was designed to support any devices that do not have the ability to enter in a username when trying to connect to Wi-Fi. Examples of devices that would benefit from this network are Alexa devices, Google devices, and many others.

BSU_Guest - An open network for guests that do not have an account at any other university participating in the EDUROAM program. This network is limited to a speed of 10mbps. Once connected to this network, terms must be accepted before continuing onto the web. 

eduroam -  A wireless network developed for the research and education community. There are more than 10,000 eduroam hotspots internationally. Bridgewater State University users can authenticate to any eduroam network either at here at BSU or abroad in other institutions subscribing to Eduroam (see list in links provided) using their full BSU email (ex. username@bridgew.edu) and password. (Where can I eduroam? - eduroam.org or eduroam U.S. Locator Map - InCommon)

BSU_Gadgets - A network found only within the BSU residence halls. This network is designed to support a number of devices ranging from game consoles to streaming devices (Smart TV's, Roku's, Apple TV's, Amazon Fire TVs, etc). 

BSU_GameConsoles A network only found within the BSU residence halls. This network is designed to support game consoles that have NAT (Network Address Translation) requirements for voice chat or games.

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