Wireless: What Devices Belong on Which Wireless Network?

Making sure your device(s) is(are) connected to the correct network is one of the most important aspects of enjoying the best possible wifi experience on campus.

The table below describes each wifi network available in the residence halls, which devices belong on them, and how to connect to them!

Additional information can be found on the ResNet website: ResNet Website Wireless Internet Page    (resnet.bridgew.edu)

Network Devices How to Log-in For Best User Experience

All computers: 
Desktops and Laptops  

Mobile Devices: 
Phones, Tablets, etc.

Select Network:

Enter your BSU Credentials:
  >BSU Username
  >BSU Password  

Most devices are connected here! 

This secure network is your primary network on campus and is configured with the most access.

Gaming consoles in need of a basic internet connection

Streaming Devices & Smart Devices: 
Smart TV’s, Firesticks, Roku’s, Apple TV’s Etc.

When an Open NAT is NOT necessary for gaming on PlayStations, Xboxes, Nintendo Switch, Handheld Games, etc. 

Select Network
  >Password: resnet7999

BSU_Gadgets was created for streaming devices, smart devices, and game consoles to have the option of a wireless internet connection.  

Gaming on a PC?
Do not connect your PC to BSU_Gadgets. For the best wireless internet experience and to avoid issues such as network jumping connect to BSU_Wireless.
Network jumping is when your device drops/disconnects from one network and reconnects to another network at random causing a poor network experience.

Note: BSU_Gadgets is only available in the residence halls.


Gaming Consoles in need of OPEN NAT type only!
PlayStations, Xboxes, Nintendo Switch, Handheld Games, etc. 


  • BSU_GameConsoles is only available in the residence halls.
  • Streaming devices DO NOT belong on this network.
Select Network
 >Password: MBkCvjbnGkhRHSTzCDyySQwY

This network includes Open NAT by default.  

This network is locked down for video game services only.  

Gaming on a PC? Never connect your PC to BSU_GameConsoles! 

Keep your computer on BSU_Wireless and submit an Open NAT request. This also avoids a poor experience such as 'network hopping*'.
Network hopping is dropping/disconnecting from one network and reconnecting to another network at a random time causing a poor network experience.

BSU_GUEST For campus visitors only without BSU credentials.

This network does not need a password.

Once connected, a user must accept the terms in a browser. 

BSU_Guest is designed for guests visiting BSU to access basic internet while on our campus. 

This network disconnects users after 18 hours.  A guest user may reconnect after reaccepting the terms.

This network is capped at a speed of 10mbps.

(Education Roaming)
This network allows participating university members full access as a campus member.  Select Network:

Enter your University Credentials
  >Personal University Username
  >Personal University Password 

This network allows participating university members to securely connect to our BSU Wi-Fi on-​campus using their home credentials.

This network is also used if a BSU student visits a participating campus with your BSU credentials. 



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