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Jamf Connect Login

This is the Jamf Connect login that users will see the first time they log on to a device with the Jamf Connect apps installed. User logs in with their BSU credentials and a local account is created using those credentials. Once a local account is created, the only other time the user will encounter this screen is when they choose the Logout option.

There are several other options on this screen:

Shut down – Shuts down the device.

Restart – Restarts the device and returns to the standard login prompt.

Local login – Bypasses this prompt and allows users with local accounts to log in.

Refresh – Refreshes the screen.

Help – Allows users access to the BSU Support home page.

Keyboard Settings – Options to change keyboard language and settings.

Wireless Button – Allows users to connect to available wireless networks.


Login Procedure

Users log in with BSU credentials and respond to MFA prompt. Once account is verified, the user must acknowledge BSU Acceptable Use Policy by checking the box next to “I Agree” and clicking the Done button.

A prompt that a local account is being created will appear. User accounts are administrators by default. Once the account is created, users will see a standard login prompt upon start up or restart.

*NOTE* Macs with Jamf Connect installed are not joined to the BSU domain.


Wireless Button

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Clicking on the wireless radio button produces a list of available networks with status.

Clicking on a wireless network produces a login prompt.

Wireless can also be toggled on and off.


Help Screen (Login)

Users can navigate our IT Support page, including our Knowledgebase and Service catalog. They can also access our ZenDesk chat feature to communicate with our help desk, open a ticket, etc.

There is no access to the Internet or any other internal or external locations. Any link that is connected to data outside of our Knowledgebase or Service Catalog is inactive.


Jamf Connect Menu

Jamf Connect also provides a menu app that is used to maintain local and network password synchronization. In the event the local and network passwords are different, the user is prompted to approve the use of the current network password for both accounts.

You can access the Jamf Connect Menu app by clicking on the folder icon in the upper toolbar.  


There are several options for password management and technical assistance:


Connect – Is a quick way to test network and local account synchronization.

About – Displays the current app version and license status.

Change Password – Connects the user to the Microsoft Change password screen.


Reset Password – Connects the user the Microsoft account reset screen.


Self Service – Opens the Jamf Self Service app where users can download approved software and settings.


Get Help – Opens IT Service Portal.



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