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How to find MAC Addresses on some of the common devices customers will use on the BSU_IoT Network
Are you using a MAC and having difficulty submitting text on your Journal, Discussion, Assignment, or Exam in Blackboard?  If you are running an older operating system, you may need to update your MacOS to a more recent version.  See the links in this article for more information...
Mac OS security restricts applications from accessing some computer hardware (cameras, microphones, screen sharing, hard drive access, etc) by default unless given permission. Users need to access the Security and Privacy control panel under the OS system preferences to grant this permission.
If you're interested in learning more about your computer, operating system, applications needed for courses and work, or other computer, wellness, and professional development topics, you can explore the following resources available to you:
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How to find MAC Addresses for Gaming devices that need Open Nats
Jamf Connect is an app that allows administrators to manage authentication by connecting a user's local macOS account to their organization's cloud identity (BSU Account). Jamf Connect includes two core components: Login window and Menu bar app.
To clear your cache on an Apple phone, please follow the steps below:
To clear your cache in Safari, please follow the steps below:
Removing saved website password (behavior on website - won't go, blank page)
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This article goes over how to delete a wireless network in Windows 10, Windows 7 and MAC OSX