Removing Saved Website Password in Keychain (Mac Users)

If Safari on your Mac is not working properly and coming up with a blank page you may have an incorrect password saved to the website you are trying to use. Please follow these steps to try to fix the problem:

        1. Select the Spotlight Search (magnifying glass) in the top right corner

        2. Type in Keychain Access and press Enter on your keyboard

        3. In the top right corner of keychain access select the Filter Field

        4. Type in the website

        5. Select the intended website when it appears

        6. Press Delete on your keyboard

        7. Select Delete to confirm

        8. Exit Keychain access

        9. Open the website again and re-enter your username and password

If you would like additional assistance please contact IT Services with your name and Banner ID: 508.531.2555 or


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