Keychain Password Change (Mac)

If you have changed your BSU domain password and are experiencing issues regarding your keychain password (such as being persistently prompted for you keychain password) on your BSU-issued Mac, there are two methods to resolve the issue. The first method outlined is one that changes your keychain password, the second method will clear your keychain so that the requests for a password entry do not continue. Either method will stop the keychain password alerts.

To prevent Keychain sync errors in the future, please consider enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA).  MFA will eliminate the need to change your password unless absolutely necessary.

Method 1 (update password):

  1.        Select the magnifying glass at top right
  2.        Type Keychain
  3.        Double-click Keychain Access from the results
  4.        Select the Edit menu
  5.        Select Change Password for keychain login
  6.        Enter the following information
    1.           Current password:  your OLD password (which your Mac still thinks is current)
    2.           New password: your new BSU password
    3.           Verify: your new BSU password again
  7.        Click OK
  8.        Exit Keychain Access
  9.        Restart computer

Method 2 (clear ["nuke"] keychain):

  1.        Open the Finder application in your Mac’s dock (face icon)
  2.        Select the Go menu at the top of the window
  3.        Hold down the Option key on your keyboard
  4.        Select Library from the menu
  5.        Find the Keychains folder
  6.        Delete everything in the folder
  7.        Restart the computer



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