Wireless: BSU_Gaming, BSU_Gadgets, & BSU_GameConsoles Wireless Networks

Please read the following information about BSU_Gaming, BSU_Gadgets, & BSU_GameConsoles BEFORE connecting to any of the networks:

  • BSU_Gaming no longer exists. This network was split into 2 new networks to provide a better wireless experience for resident students and their devices.
  • BSU_Gadgets & BSU_GameConsoles are only available in the residence halls 
  • PC Gaming: Connect to BSU_Wireless with your BSU credentials


BSU_Gadgets vs BSU_GameConsoles and what devices belong on which network.

When assisting a student, ask what kind of device they are connecting first. Once you know what they are trying to connect, THEN give them the information for the appropriate network that they should connect to. 


Smart TV's
Streaming Devices - Firesticks, Roku's, etc.
Certain Smart Home Devices
Game Consoles that do not need open NAT



Game consoles that need open NAT type ONLY




To Connect:
To connect to these networks please follow these steps:

  1.  Select the desired network on the list of available wireless networks
  2.  Enter the password
  3.  Accept the warning if necessary

If you have any questions about the wireless gaming network please click here.


  • BSU_Gadgets and BSU_GameConsoles are not compatible with the Nintendo Wii, however, there is a work around!   To use your Nintendo Wii, you will need to complete the following two items to activate your Wii to the BSU internet.: 
  1. Purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter. When purchasing a USB to Ethernet adapter, please verify that it supports the Nintendo Wii in the description.
  2. Submit a ResNet wired connection request 
  • All phones, tablets, computers, should connect to BSU_Wireless for the best experience.

For further assistance, please submit a service request here.

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