How to Share a Folder or File in Onedrive

  1. Go to and log in with your BSU Email and Password
  2. Create a new folder or document as needed by clicking + New and selecting Folder or a Document Type 
  3. Check the folder or file you want to share 
  4. Then click Share and change the settings to how you would like

    Initially, it will give you the option to email a link to whoever you would like and have anyone with the link have access. You can also designate specific people to have access to the folder or file. If you click Anyone with the Link can Edit it will provide you with further options.
    • The Anyone option will let anyone with the link access and edit the folder or file. You can uncheck Allow Editing  to make it read-only and you can make the link expire by setting an expiration date. 
    • The Anyone in your Organization will let anyone with the link who also has a BSU Account access. You will see who has viewed and edited things by their name.
    • The People with Existing Access option will keep anyone who has access and is useful if you decide to change permissions later. 
    • The Specific People option will allow you to restrict the individual people who can access the file by account login. Only the people you grant permissions to will have access even if they have the link. It will require a login and if it is someone who isn't listed then they won't have access.  
  5. You then will put the names or emails in the box and click Send. Onedrive will send them a link with access to the folder or file.   
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