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Information about Microsoft Office 365, email lists, shared email boxes, etc.

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Pinned Article Teams Upgrade 2024

Microsoft has upgraded the Teams application and will be moving users in stages to the new version beginning after March 31, 2024.

Access your BSU Email Account

Instructions for both students and employees on how to access their email accounts.

Allow someone else to manage your mail and calendar (Delegate Access) (Calendar Permissions)

A link with instructions to add or remove delegates in Outlook

Email: How to Add and Remove a Sender to the Safe Sender's List

Email: How to add senders to a Safe Senders list and prevent emails from that individual going to junk.

Email: Junk Email Settings on a Shared Mailbox

Junk Email Settings on a Shared Mailbox

Emergency Notification System

Emergency Notification System alerts

How to Access On-Campus Programs, Files and Folders from Off-Campus

Information on accessing files from off-campus.

How to Install the Office Suite from the Office 365 Portal

Instructions on how to install the Office Suite from the Office 365 for Web Portal.

How to Password Protect a Word Document

How to set a password for a Word Doc to prevent unauthorized people from viewing it or editing it.

How to Send and Receive Contact Distribution Lists in Outlook

Information on how to send distribution lists and how to save them when they are received by a customer.

How to Send from a Generic Email in Outlook 365

How to send on behalf of a shared or generic email account in the Outlook Desktop Application

How to Share a Folder or File in Onedrive

How to edit access permissions and share a folder or file on Onedrive.

Outlook Not Auto filling Addresses Fix

How to fix the Autofill feature if Outlook is not filling in the To:, BCC:, or CC: fields.

Recall unread emails sent from Outlook

These are the steps for recalling unread messages that you sent in outlook. There are pictures to go along with the steps.

Setting up BSU Email on the built-in android mail app

How to set up the BSU email in the Gmail App for Android from the Microsoft Knowledgebase.

Suspicious Email

How to handle suspicious emails that come in on your BSU Email

Zoom Calendar Integration - Update Authentication

Updating calendar integration with Zoom

Forward email from BSU account to another email account

How to set the BSU email account to forward emails to a different email. This can be useful if a customer wants all their emails in one place and wants them in their personal email inbox.

Add a shared mailbox in Office 365 for Web

Directions on how to add a shared mailbox in office 365

Deactivate an Office 365 install

Link and instructions on how to Deactivate an Office 365 install