Suspicious Email

  • Phishing email messages are sent by hackers with the malicious intention of stealing your account credentials/ personal information. In some cases, messages appear as if they were sent from a colleague or friend or from IT. Responding to such emails by sending your username and password or clicking links sent in such emails could result in identity theft and/ or put you and the institution at risk.
  • If you receive email messages requesting personal information, please DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL AND THEN DELETE THE MESSAGE!
  • If you are unsure and would like someone from IT to look over the email, please forward it to or follow the procedures here for reporting the phishing message: Report Phishing


What to do if you did respond to a suspicious email

  • If you did respond by sending or submitting your account password, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY!
  • To change your BSU password, go to and follow the instructions provided.

Additional Resources:

Also, if you are experiencing any performance issues or strange behavior on your BSU Computer please contact IT Support immediately to have a technician assess your computer.


Are you in need of further assistance?  Click here for more information on how you can contact us
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