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Are you experiencing a log in problem with Blackboard, Intranet, Wireless, Email, Banner, InfoBear, BSU user account or another IT service?
Use these troubleshooting steps on to enable Poll Everywhere in Microsoft PowerPoint on your classroom computer.
How a BSU User Account changes Preferred Name and how it filters throughout all Active Directory linked systems (Banner, Blackboard, Email, etc.)
Use the guidance in this article to learn how to add publisher content to your Blackboard Ultra courses.
Many times, courses get hidden instead of made unavailable to students or private. This results in the course disappearing from an instructors view in Blackboard. Use this knowledgebase article to retrieve a course that has inadvertently been hidden.
Use these instructions to guide faculty how to view photos of their students in Web for Faculty.
This article provides guidance on how new faculty receive their new email/password credentials.
Use this article for links and information on the transition from Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint.
This article contains video links for the new Blackboard Ultra navigation.
View the PDF for the Blackboard Ultra Roadmap session and links for more upcoming info via this knowledgebase article.
This article provides more information about Progress Tracking in Blackboard Ultra.
Learn more about Blackboard Ultra via the self-paced training.
This article shows how to embed a stream video inside a Blackboard Ultra course site using the Embed Cloud Documents tool.
Logging into Web for Faculty