Login Issues

If you are having trouble logging in to any of the BSU accounts below, please follow the steps to fix the problem. Note: some solutions may vary based on if you are a student or a faculty/staff member.


Wireless access allows you to use both BSU Intranet and Internet. In order to access this you must first set up your device to know who you are and what you are connecting to. If you have not already set up your device for the BSU_Wireless network please use the following instructions:

     1. Open your available wireless networks

     2. Select BSU_Wireless

     3. Enter your BSU username (Everything before the @ sign in your email) and password

If you are receiving an error message you may need to reset your password here. If after resetting your password you are still unable to gain wireless access please contact IT Services: Visit the IT Support Counter in Maxwell Library ground floor, call 508.531.2555 or email itsupport@bridgew.edu


You can log in to InfoBear with your full email address and Password,  

If you are receiving an error message you may need to reset your password here

If you do not yet have a BSU email and need to log in to eBill you should use the Bear ID and PIN. Check your Acceptance letter for Bear ID. If you are still having problems even after confirming you are using the correct Banner ID and PIN, please contact IT Services: 508.531.2555 or itsupport@bridgew.edu.


Blackboard/BSU User Account/Email

If you are a student and are unable to log in to any of these accounts, please first attempt to log in through the Student Portal. If that does not work, you will have to reset your password here. Once you reset your password, be sure to update on all devices that are logged in to your BSU accounts. 

If you can log into your user/email account but not Blackboard it may be that you are not yet registered for classes or it has not been 24 hours since you made your initial deposit to attend BSU.  


Web For Faculty

Log in to Web for Faculty with your full email address and Password.  If you are unable to login to the web for faculty application using your full email address and password, you may have to reset your password. You can reset your BSU password here.

 If you are still unable to log in please contact IT Services: 508.531.2555 or itsupport@bridgew.edu.


Blackboard Single Sign-On Gets a New Look!

Single sign-in by entering your FULL email address and password in the format below: Example:
Students: username@student.bridgew.edu Faculty: username@bridgew.edu

If you are already signed in to Office 365 with your credentials, you won’t need to sign in to Blackboard again.  Please contact the IT Service Center at itsupport@bridgew.edu or 508.531.2555 with questions or concerns.

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