FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I embed stream videos and other Microsoft Office files inside my Blackboard Ultra course sites?

With the Embedded Cloud Document feature, you can embed Microsoft Office and Stream video files that are stored on your BSU Microsoft OneDrive into your Blackboard Ultra course sites. Follow the video or the written out steps below to embed a cloud document.

This video demonstrates how to embed a video within your Blackboard Ultra course site using the Embedded Cloud Document feature. You can use the same steps for other OneDrive files.  

  1. Login to Blackboard and open your Ultra course.
  2. Navigate to where you'd like to add the video in your course.
  3. Hover between the sections and click that purple plus sign (+), then choose Create.
  4. From the menu on the right, select Embedded Cloud Document.
  5. Login office 365 with your BSU credentials to access your OneDrive folder.
  6. Click on the video you'd like and then click the Select button in the lower right corner.
  7. Once the video shows in the course site, click Save.

The process above is creating a related SharePoint site for your Blackboard Ultra course. By doing so, any students enrolled in your Blackboard Ultra course site will have "view" (not edit) permission to access your Embedded Cloud Document files (including videos). The videos are stored in the SharePoint site. They are not stored inside Blackboard so they are able to be streamed without downloading them directly to your students' computers.

You, as the creator of this SharePoint site, are responsible for deletion of the site once the course is over. You will get an email notification to let you know and then you would just choose to delete it when your course is finished.  If you plan on teaching the course again in the next year, you can choose to keep the SharePoint site active. 

NOTE: If you have embedded a Microsoft Office file, you can edit the file directly within Blackboard. However, any edits you make will not be reflected in the version that you have saved in your OneDrive. Conversely, any edits you make to your OneDrive Microsoft Office files will not be applied to the version now in Blackboard Ultra.  

Some web browsers may block cross-site tracking which could block access, if this occurs see this article for instructions on how to update these settings.

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