FACULTY: How to Hide/Unhide Courses in the Course List

Many times, courses get hidden instead of made unavailable to students or private. This results in the course disappearing from an instructors view in Blackboard. The instructions and video below show you how to retrieve a course that has inadvertently been hidden.

Only Instructors and teaching assistants have the option to hide courses from their course list in Blackboard. While students cannot hide courses, they can select a specific term from the drop down to filter their course listings.

When you hide a course, this only impacts your own view of the course list.  It will NOT hide the course from your students.  If you want to make the course available/unavailable to your students, you need to make it open/private.  See this knowledgebase article to change course availability. 

To Hide

On your Courses page in Blackboard, click the three dots next to a course and choose Hide Course.

 image of course list in blackboard showing ellipses to the right of the course

To Un-hide

If you would like to un-hide your course, click the Filter menu and choose "Hidden from me."

Image of where to find the hidden from me link in the filter list in blackboard

Click the three dots next to a course and choose "Show Course."

image of where to click to show a course in blackboard


The video below demonstrates these steps as well as how to change course availability.



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