Tech Help: How to Change the Drums in the WEPA Color Printers

CAUTION! Static sensitive devices, handle with care 

The printer contains four image drums: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. 


  1. Check the amount of toner the printer has for the drum you are replacing.
    If the Status Page is showing less than 5% for that toner, please replace the toner at the same time as the drum 
  2. Press the cover release and open the printer’s output tray fully.
  3. Note the positions of the four toner cartridges (a) and image drums (b). It is essential that they go back in the same order. 
  4. Holding it by its top centre, lift the image drum, complete with its toner cartridge, up and out of the printer.
  5. Put the assembly down gently onto a piece of paper to prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid damaging the green drum surface.
    The green image drum surface at the base of the ID unit is very delicate and light sensitive. Do not touch it and do not expose it to normal room light for more than 5 minutes. If the drum unit needs to be out of the printer for longer than this, please wrap the cartridge inside a black plastic bag to keep it away from light. Never expose the drum to direct sunlight or very bright room lighting.
  6. With the coloured toner release lever (1) to the right, pull the lever towards you. This will release the bond between the toner cartridge and the image drum unit.
  7. Lift the right-hand end of the toner cartridge (1) and then draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end as shown (2), and withdraw the toner cartridge out of the image drum cartridge. Place the cartridge on a piece of paper to avoid marking your furniture.
  8. Take the new image drum cartridge out of its packaging and place it on the piece of paper where the old cartridge was placed. Keep it the same way round as the old unit. Pack the old cartridge inside the packaging material for disposal. NOTE: Instructions come with the new image drum for additional information such as the removal of packaging material, etc. if needed. 
  9. Place the toner cartridge onto the new image drum cartridge as shown. Push the left end in first, and then lower the right end in. (It is not necessary to fit a new toner cartridge at this time unless the remaining toner level is less than 5% full)
  10. Push the coloured release lever away from you to lock the toner cartridge onto the new image drum unit and release toner into it.
  11. Holding the complete assembly by its top centre, lower it into place in the printer, locating the pegs at each end into their slots in the sides of the printer cavity.
  12. Finally, close the output tray and press down firmly at both sides so that the cover latches closed. NOTE If you need to return or transport your printer for any reason, please make sure you remove the image drum unit beforehand and place in the bag provided. This is to avoid toner spillage.
  13. Update the WEPA Consumable Form so we can keep inventory of the consumable supplies. 

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