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There are two types of name changes – Legal Name change and Preferred Name change. 

Legal Name change for employees is through Human Resources and Talent Management’s Name Change Form (HRTM).  Legal Name change for students is through the Registrar’s Office.

Legal documentation must be submitted with the request.  NOTE: Legal name changes result in new logon name and email address. Once the appropriate office receives and confirms all required paperwork, Information Technology will be notified and the changes made.

Preferred Name change for employees is through HRTM’s Information Change form.  Preferred Name change for students is through InfoBear’s personal information tab.

Available to:

Employees (Faculty, Staff, and Contractors) and Students

Solutions, Resources, and Information:

Please search the IT Knowledge Base for the most common solutions to many technical issues.

BSU Employees (Faculty, Staff, and Contractors) please consult with Human Resources and Talent Management Staff to update Legal or Preferred Name.  The forms are located on the HRTM home page under Frequently Requested Documents. 

BSU Students please consult with the Registrar’s Office.  BSU Student Name Change form is found on the Registrar home page.  Preferred Name change is located on InfoBear’s personal information tab (no form required).

Request Assistance:

Employees select "Name Change" to access BSU HRTM.

Additional Contact Information:

IT Service Center

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Name Change


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