FACULTY: How do I scan my Word and PowerPoint documents for accessibility issues?

Making your syllabus accessible is crucial for students with visual impairments who use screen reader technology. Microsoft Word has an Accessibility Checker tool which allows you to run an accessibility scan of your document and provides you with a report of how you can improve any discovered accessibility issues. 

Here are some simple steps to ensure your syllabus is accessible:

  1. Use Microsoft's Accessibility Checker: This tool scans your document for accessibility issues and provides a report with suggestions for improvement. Learn how to use the Accessibility Checker.

  2. Convert Your Document to PDF: PDF documents are widely accessible and don't require students to have Microsoft Word. Free PDF readers are available for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it easy for students to access your syllabus.

  3. Use Blackboard Ally for Accessibility: Blackboard provides a built-in Accessibility Check through Blackboard Ally. Ally attaches an accessibility gauge to all uploaded files, showing a score for your document’s accessibility. Click on the gauge for detailed feedback and tips to improve your document's accessibility.

This photo depicts the location of the gauge icon that symbolize Blackboard Ally's accessibility report.

By following these steps, you can ensure your syllabus is accessible to all students, providing them with the best possible learning experience.

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