ALL USERS: Why can't I access Zoom through my Blackboard course site with my FireFox browser?

Browsers increase security settings to provide users with more control over their privacy settings while navigating the web. These security settings also prevent tools nested within another tool (e.g., Zoom in Blackboard) from passing user information required for the nested tool to function correctly.

Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks user credential pass-though to Zoom within Blackboard course sites

Unauthorized, session has expired error message.


Firefox: Exempt Blackboard and integrated tools from Enhanced Tracking Protection

Log in to Blackboard


Click the Shield icon located to the left of the URL address bar

Arrow pointed to the shield icon in the Firefox address bar.


 Locate the "Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site" message

Arrow pointing to the Enhanced Tracking Protection Button toggle switch in Firefox.

Toggle the switch OFF for Enhanced Tracking Protection

  1. The message should change to "Enhanced Tracking Protection is OFF for this site."
  2. Reload the Blackboard page if needed


Enhanced Tracking Protection is now OFF for this site 

Message that ETP is successfully turned off.

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