How to use WEPA Express printing with NFC

How to use WEPA Express with NFC to print at a WEPA kiosk

WEPA Express allows touch-free document release. 

It is essential to have the Wepa mobile app on your phone, which is available for both Android and iOS devices,

Following the successful installation and log-in:

  1. Enable NFC  ( instructions can be found here)
  2. Open the WEPA app and make sure your document(s) are in the print queue 
  3. A Wepa Willy character will be present at the bottom right of the main, print queue view:

       4. Tap on the rocket located on the top right of the document(s) in the queue you want to print using NFC to activate WEPA Express Printing.  


        5. Tap on WEPA Express kiosk on the bottom right corner

                      -->   -->  

        6. Hold your device up to the NFC sticker located on the right of the printer kiosk


7. The kiosk should log you into your account and start printing your documents automatically*
*(Documents print automatically only if you selected to use WEPA Express printing in step 4 - otherwise it will just take you to your print queue)


NFC Tips:

  • Apple device NFC chips are located on the top of the device
  • Android device NFC chips are generally located in the middle of the device
  • NFC does not work if there is a magnet between your phone (where the NFC chip is located) and the kiosk
  • NFC may have difficulties working if you have a pop socket on the back of your phone as the phone may not be able to get close enough to the kiosk to use NFC


Watch for instructions on YouTube video : 

WEPA support on express printing:

WEPA Technical Support
1(800) 675-7639

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