FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I add Edpuzzle content?

Edpuzzle is a tool you can use to create online videos and add interactive content to your Blackboard course. Follow these instructions below to add Edpuzzle content:

  1. In the Course Content area, click the + button where you want to add your Edpuzzle content
  2. Choose Content Market from the list
  3. In the Edpuzzle module, click the + button
  4. Back in the Course Content section, click the newly created Edpuzzle link
  5. Either pick an existing piece of content that you've already chosen from your content section (jump to step 7 to follow how to do so) or click +Add New Content, which will redirect you to the Edpuzzle site and proceed to step 6.
  6. If you’re creating new content:
    • Click the +Add New Content button, which will redirect you do the Edpuzzle site.
    • Click +Add New Content again in the upper right to make a new assignment in Edpuzzle or Discover, select, and copy existing content into your My Content section
    • You have now added a new existing piece of content. Close the browser tab, go back to your Blackboard tab, and follow the next steps.
  7. Add the existing piece of content:
    • Click the red X to close your window and go back to Blackboard
    • Choose options, then click the Assign button in the bottom right
    • Click the video you want to add and then click the next button in the bottom right
  8. Make your Edpuzzle content visible to students and then click the … and choose Edit to make it a gradable item
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