FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I view my Blackboard course as a student?

Want to see your course from a student's perspective? The student preview feature is a useful tool that you can use to double check that tests and assignment submission pages, discussions, and other activities function and look the way you want them to for your students. You can ensure any item settings behave the way they should, such as conditional release of content and how student grades appear to them. You can also take your own exams and submit assignments as if you were a student.

To enter the Student Preview mode:

  1. Open your Blackboard course
  2. Click Student Preview in the upper right corner
    Image showing where the Student Preview button is in Blackboard Ultra
  3. Click Start Preview
    Image of the pop up to start the student preview feature in Blackboard Ultra
  4. To leave the student preview, click Exit in the upper right corner at any time.
  5. Select Discard or Save the student preview user.
    1. The Discard option removes the preview user and data so any actions are not included in analytics or course reports.
    2. If you keep your preview user and activity, your preview user appears in the roster, gradebook, and any place you interacted.
    3. You can remove the preview user later from the roster. After removal, some course activity remains. Your preview user's name in discussion posts and conversations is changed to Anonymous, but the messages remain in the course. You can delete all this activity.

For more information about student preview, view this Blackboard article.

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