FACULTY: ULTRA: Blackboard Ultra FAQ

This article addresses common questions instructors may have while transitioning from Blackboard Learn Original to Ultra.

Hiding the Roster from Students

Yes, you can hide the roster from students in the Details & Actions section. Click "Roster" > "View everyone in your course." Then, use the dropdown menu on the top right to select "Hide from students."

Customizing the Course Navigation Tabs

Unfortunately, the tabs (Content, Calendar, Discussions, etc.) are system-wide and cannot be edited within individual courses.

Enforcing Sequential Module Completion

Blackboard Ultra offers a similar function to the "read" requirement in the previous version. Use the "Advance in sequence" option within modules. Selecting the check box for "Forced Sequence" forces students to open content in the order you listed before they can access the next item

Setting a Course Landing Page

The new Ultra design prioritizes content accessibility and doesn't allow setting a specific landing page. Our recommendation is to place the desired content at the top of the "Course Content" section. You can create a heading to differentiate it.

Adjusting Email Notifications

Notification settings are user-controlled, not course-specific. On the main navigation bar, go to the "Activity Stream" (gear icon) and uncheck the notification types you don't want to receive via email or push notifications.

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