FACULTY: What is the Active Learning Classroom and how can I schedule my class there?

The Active Learning Classroom, located in Moakley 131, is a specialized classroom devoted to faculty and student adoption of active learning pedagogies. 

Through active learning instructional design, students will be active participants through brainstorming, collaboration, presentation, role-playing, content creation, and other activities typical of “constructivist learning”.  The active learning classroom has been designed to encourage student success, diversity, and equity with the intent of increasing student engagement and learning comprehension that leads to a decrease in DWF rates.

The classroom contains a mix of digital and analog equipment - interactive digital whiteboards, analog whiteboards on wheels, mobile student desks and chairs, standing desks, large digital touchscreen displays, a Zoom Room display for web-conferencing sessions, and an ADA-compliant teaching station.  The room can accommodate 24 student seats.   There are also 12 storage lockers across the hall that you can use to store teaching materials in between class sessions (please bring your own lock).

Another important with this initiative is to learn from faculty and students which digital and analog equipment best supports their active learning activities, and use that feedback to help inform future classroom design and upgrades at BSU.  

For the 2023-2024 academic year, once you know your teaching schedule, contact the Teaching & Technology Center at ttc@bridgew.edu to request access to the room for one of your classes.  

If approved by the Registrar's Office, you can request a training session of the room in advance of your first class meeting by emailing itsupport@bridgew.edu.  We can also work with you to design active learning activities with your students utilizing the equipment in the room.  Please contact us at ttc@bridgew.edu to learn more!

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