FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I add instructions and descriptions to Blackboard Ultra assignments?

When creating assignments in Blackboard Ultra, it’s essential to provide clear instructions for your students. Here’s how you can add text and descriptions to your assignments:

  1. Create a New Assignment:
    • Navigate to your course content.
    • Click the plus sign (+) where you want to add the assignment.
    • Select Create and choose Assignment from the menu.
  2. Add Instructions:
    • On the New Assignment page, give your assignment a meaningful title.
    • To add instructions, click the plus sign (+) and select Add text.
    • Enter your instructions in the text editor.
  3. Assignment Settings:
    • Click the Settings icon (on the right) to access the Assignment Settings panel.
    • Set parameters such as due dates, grading options, and visibility.
    • Scroll to the bottom to add a Description your students can see before starting an attempt.

Remember that students won’t see your instructions until you make the assignment visible. After posting grades, students can view their scores and access their submissions.

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