ALL USERS: Having difficulty with Blackboard? Check to ensure you are using a currently supported Web Browser.

Having difficulty with Blackboard? Please check to ensure you are using a currently supported Web Browser. Alternatively, you can run the browser checker to see whether Blackboard Learn supports your browser.

Blackboard no longer supports Internet Explorer. Microsoft ended active development for Internet Explorer in January 2016. Some newer features in Blackboard may not work, including Attendance and Create Recording. Reported issues isolated to Internet Explorer will not be resolved by Blackboard.

Although supported by Blackboard, we have found navigational and menu issues with the Safari browser v.14; specifically when blocking third party cookies or increasing and decreasing the zoom level of the display.

Some known issues we've experienced here at BSU include but are not limited to: file uploads, modifying test options, due dates, availability, etc.  If you encounter ANY issues with Blackboard, we recommend checking your browser first.  If you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, we recommend using another web browser. 

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