FACULTY: How do I provide an exemption to a student for a Respondus Monitor exam?

After setting up your Respondus Monitor exam, do the following to provide an exemption to a student to have to use the Monitor application:

  1. Go to the Respondus Monitor section of your exam settings.
  2. Under Advanced Settings, select the setting Allow this exam to additionally be delivered in a proctored lab
  3. Create a password or access code under Password Settings
  4. Provide the password to the student, proctor, or testing center. Only provide a password to a student if no other option exists; the student could potentially share the password with other students.  
  5. When a student begins a test with this setting applied, they will see an initial screen that allows them to select if they have a webcam or if they are at a proctored location.
  6. The student selects "proctored location" and is then prompted for a password. The proctor or student then enters the password and the student can begin the test.

NOTE: this only works for bypassing Monitor. The student will still need to use Lockdown Browser; if a student cannot use Lockdown Browser they must follow different directions.

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