FACULTY: How do my students view my Zoom class recordings?

If you recorded your Zoom meeting to the cloud, follow these steps to share it with your students. If your recording was saved directly to your computer, different steps are required to share with your students.

The best way to share cloud recordings is to publish them from within the Zoom Tool in Blackboard. To be able to publish a recording to a class, you will have to have created the Zoom meeting within that specific Blackboard course site. Once you have completed your recording and ended the Zoom meeting, you will receive an email when the recording has completed processing and available to share.

Once the video is available to share, use the following steps to share the recording directly within the Zoom tool in Blackboard. 

  1. Navigate your zoom class meetings in Blackboard.
  2. From within the Zoom tool, click on the Cloud Recordings tab
  3. You will now see a full list of all cloud recordings connected to your course’s zoom meetings. On the right hand side of the interface, you will see a publish column with a toggle button that you can move to the “on” position to share that specific recording with students. 

Note: All recordings are not shared by default and you must manually activate the publish button to share a video with students.

Sharing Recordings with Specific Individuals:

If you have a recording that you do not wish to publish to an entire class, but do want to share with specific individuals -- perhaps a recorded 1 on 1 session or a project analysis -- you can share a video link directly in a few ways.

Once your cloud recording is processed, you’ll receive an email with two links.The first link takes you to your profile on bridgew.zoom.us and provides access to that specific recording's settings. The second link is the sharable invite link, and the default password required to view the recording.

  1. To share a video with a student, you can simply copy and paste both the second link and it’s password into a separate email or private message to allow the student to view the recording.
  2. You can also access this share link directly through the Blackboard Zoom tool following these directions: 
  • In Blackboard, go to the Zoom tool and click on the "Cloud Recordings" tab.
  • Click on the title of the recording you want to share.
  • You can download the file or select "Share."
  • Copy the link details and share them directly with your students.

For additional help with sharing Zoom class recordings, see Zoom's Getting Started Guide.

You can find additional Zoom Training and Support resources on the TTC Zoom for Faculty Knowledge Base.

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