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FACULTY: How do my students view my Zoom class recordings?

Use this video to learn how to share Zoom class recordings with students.

FACULTY: Zoom: Recording Zoom Lectures in HyFlex Classrooms and Sharing in Blackboard Ultra

This guide provides faculty with instructions on recording live Zoom sessions in designated HyFlex classrooms and sharing them directly with students through their Blackboard Ultra course site.

FACULTY: Do I need to let my students know if I am recording our sessions?

Use this guidance to advise students about your Zoom recording practices.

FACULTY: How can I add captions to my Zoom video sessions?

Use this article to learn more about adding captions via Zoom.

FACULTY: How can I extend the time on my Zoom breakout groups?

Use these instructions to modify the default breakout room time limit, along with other breakout room settings.

FACULTY: How to create a single Zoom link to share between multiple class sections.

This video demonstrates how to create a single zoom link for us in multiple blackboard course sections:

FACULTY: How to Record Attendance using Zoom

Use these instructions to find and run attendance reports in Zoom

FACULTY: Who do I contact for Zoom event support?

Use this guidance to request support for your special Zoom campus event.