ALL USERS: My course is missing within the Courses module in Blackboard. How do I find it?

You may have more courses than are displayed on the first page of the Courses module in Blackboard.  By default, the display is 25 items per page. 

  • Click the drop down in the upper right corner to change this display to either 50 or 100 courses. 
  • You can also filter courses by the term by clicking the drop down next to Current Courses at the top of the page and selecting the current semester from the list. 
    • NOTE: If you are BSU faculty and you set a future start date for your course, click the "Current Courses" drop-down menu and select "Upcoming Courses"
    • NOTE: If you are BSU faculty and you set an availability end date for your course, and that date has passed, click the "Current Courses" drop-down menu and select the semester in which the course was taught

photo of courses module with drop down menus circled in red

If you are BSU faculty, it is also possible that you unintentionally hid your course site from view.  You can view the following brief video tutorial demonstrating how to hide and unhide courses in Blackboard. 

View this video below for additional tips on course organization in Blackboard such as setting courses as Favorites so that they display at the top of the page.

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