FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I add items to my course?

Blackboard allows you to create or add a variety of content items, including documents, journals, discussions, and tests. You can also create folders to keep your materials organized. Additional teaching tools, such as publisher content, are available through the Content Market. To view a list of all of the types of content that Blackboard allows, click this link.

  1. To add any of these items to your Blackboard Ultra course, click the plus sign (+) wherever you want the content to go. The (+) can be found at the top of your content page and appears when you hover over the lines between any items.
  2. Click Create or select one of the other options.
  3. Click on the menu ellipsis to the right of any item to change the settings.
  4. Make the item visible to students when it’s ready by clicking the drop down arrow next to text that says "Hidden from students" beneath the item's name on the Course Content page.

image of how to add content items in blackboard ultra

For more guidance on adding files, images, audio, and video, check out this Blackboard article.

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