FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I post images in Blackboard?

You can add images into your discussion posts or assignments using the content editor.

  1. Go to the course content area. You can directly upload an image to this area by clicking the plus (+) and selecting upload. You will not be able to change the size of an image uploaded in this way.
  2. To add an image into an existing piece of content -- whether a document, discussion, or anything else -- go to where you want the image to be first. There should be a content editor within any type of content that allows text submissions.
  3. Select the Insert Content icon (+) and click on attachment or image to add an image from your desktop or files.

  4. You can also add an image by selecting the Insert Content icon (+), clicking Image from url, and pasting an image url.
    Adding an image with a url to the Blackboard Ultra text box
  5. You can resize an image you already added in the text area by clicking on the image. Then, click and drag the image's corners to the desired size.
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