FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I use progress tracking to help students?

If you are teaching with Blackboard Ultra, you can use Progress Tracking to help your students stay on top of coursework and keep track of work completed in your course. Progress tracking is turned on for all BSU Ultra course sites by default.  

This feature gives students a visual way to see how much they've completed in your course. Each assignment, reading, or other item will show an icon next to it. Once all content in a folder/module is marked complete, the entire folder/module is automatically marked as complete.

  • Empty Circle: The student hasn't opened this item yet.
  • Half-Filled Circle: The student has opened or started working on this item.
  • Green Checkmark: The student has completed this item.

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What Can Students Track with Progress Tracking?

  • All graded items (e.g. assignments, tests) will automatically be marked complete when they are graded.
  • Items without a participatory element (e.g. files, documents) must be marked complete manually by the student.

How can you review your students' progress?

  • Select the ellipsis menu by the content and then select Student Progress
  • Select the content and then select the Student Progress tab

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To learn more about Progress Tracking in Blackboard Ultra, check out this help article from Blackboard: https://help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Ultra/Courses/Progress_Tracking

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