FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I access my Blackboard Ally accessibility report?

How to Access the Blackboard Ally Accessibility Report

Blackboard Ally helps you identify and address accessibility issues within your Blackboard Ultra course materials. This guide explains how to access the Ally Course Accessibility Report.

Finding the Report:

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard Ultra course.
  2. Under Details & Actions, click View course & institution tools, then select Accessibility Report.

Accessibility Report Overview:

The report provides a comprehensive view of your course's accessibility:

  • Overall Course Score: This indicates the accessibility level of your entire course content.
  • Content by Type: See a breakdown of accessibility scores for different content types (e.g., documents, presentations).
  • Issue List: View a detailed list of all accessibility issues identified within your course materials.

Additional Notes:

  • Ally accessibility indicators are also available next to individual course files. Clicking the indicator provides specific feedback on that file's accessibility.

By utilizing the Ally Course Accessibility Report, you can ensure your course materials are accessible to a wider range of students, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.


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